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A first outline for a UI for a fully GEGLed GIMP


27 May 2010, 10:00 - 10:30

Peter Sikking (Gimp)

The (eternally) imminent integration of GEGL into GIMP—or rather, fully basing GIMP on GEGL—holds great promise. Lossless editing and unlimited re-adjustment and reordering of image editing steps are only the beginning. However there is big gap between the nuts and bolts of the GEGL graph and nodes, and the world of GIMP users doing high-end image manipulation for artistic results. User interfaces bridge this gap and Peter Sikking, principal Interaction Architect at m+mi works, and lead Interaction Architect of GIMP, will outline in this talk the UI principles that can unlock the power of GEGL in a GIMP context.

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